Q:    How do I obtain my marriage license?

A:    You must obtain your marriage license from the county clerks office in which the ceremony will occur.
For Maricopa County visit:   http://clerkofcourt.maricopa.gov/marlic.as 
For all other Arizona county, please copy and paste the follow web pages into your browser and visit the county clerks web page as
listed below:

Apache County:  https://www.co.apache.az.us/clerk-of-the-court/marriage-licenses/
Cochise County:  https://www.cochise.az.gov/clerk-superior-court/marriage-licenses
Coconino County:  http://www.coconino.az.gov/134/Marriage-Licenses
Gila County:  http://www.gilacountyaz.gov/government/courts/clerk_of_the_court/marriage_license.php
Graham County:  https://www.graham.az.gov/199/Marriage-Licenses
Greenlee County:  https://www.lapazsuperiorcourtclerk.com/uploads/3/4/1/5/34157397/clerk_of_the_court_marriage_license_info2.pdf
La Paz County:  https://www.co.greenlee.az.us/courts/clerkhome.aspx
Mohave County:  https://www.mohavecourts.com/clerk/ProcessServer.htm
Navajo County:  http://www.navajocountyaz.gov/Departments/Clerk-of-the-Court/Licenses
Pima County:  http://www.cosc.pima.gov/home.asp?include=pages/marriage_licenses.htm
Pinal County:  http://www.coscpinalcountyaz.gov/marriage-license.html
Santa Cruz County:  https://www.santacruzcountyaz.gov
Yavapai County:  http://courts.yavapai.us/clerk/Marriage-Licenses
Yuma County:  https://www.yumacountyaz.gov/government/courts/clerk-of-superior-court/marriage-license

Q:    How soon can you perform a wedding?  Do you do same day weddings?

A:    Same day or Short notice weddings are completely acceptable. Please consider me as an alternative to being married in a court room in     front of a judge who talks so fast you don’t even know what just happened. I can easily take you to a nice park with your witnesses and perform a beautiful ceremony. Pictures may even be an option afterwards.

Q:    Do you have a microphone or will you require one?

A:     I do not own a microphone and speaker set. I will use one if it is desired that I do so and is provided by the DJ or the venue. I have performed for weddings with 200+ guests and have never been told I was difficult to hear or understand.  Indoors or outdoors, I can perform equally well and should not be considered a risk if a microphone is not available.

Q:    What do you wear doing the ceremonies you perform at?

A:     I do not own a robe and I feel very strongly against wearing one. I will however dress according to the couples wishes. I will even do my best to dress according to the color scheme of the ceremony if that is desired. My normal attire is a black pant or skirt suit, or a classy black dress all depending on weather conditions. It is your day, I aim to please and everything down to my hair style and height of heels is your call.

Q:    What do I need for my Ritual Ceremony?

A:    Should you choose to have a ritual portion in your ceremony, the purchase of the needed materials are your responsibility as a couple. I do have several resources to shop from and also several creative ideas to make even a creative ceremony MORE so!

Q:    Do you allow animals at your ceremonies?

A:    Being an animal lover, I welcome the use of any and all four-legged friends (or other varieties as well) to help play a significant and fun roll in your ceremony. No reservations from me regarding the furry (and not so furry) family members.

Q:  Do you perform ceremonies outside of Maricopa County? What are your travel Fee(s) for ceremonies outside of the valley area:

A:    I will travel to a ceremony location within a 4 hour distance from Phoenix city limits. Cost of travel, per hour, is $25.00. If two (2) days of travel are needed (Ex: for rehearsal and ceremony) each hour traveled is calculated into total. Should you prefer I have lodging near the venue that is out of the city limits, the cost for lodging is also required.

Q:    What are the basic marriage requirements in Arizona?

A:     Please see the following in regards to whom may perform wedding ceremonies in the state of Arizona. My designation is in BLUE.

Arizona State Wedding Laws

  • 25-124 Persons authorized to perform marriage ceremony; definition

    A. The following are authorized to solemnize marriages between persons who are authorized to marry:
    1. Duly licensed or ordained clergymen.
    2. Judges of courts of record.
    3. Municipal court judges.
    4. Justices of the peace.
    5. Justices of the United States supreme court.
    6. Judges of courts of appeals, district courts and courts that are created by an act of Congress if the judges are entitled to hold office during good behavior.
    7. Bankruptcy court and tax court judges.
    8. United States magistrate judges.
    9. Judges of the Arizona court of military appeals.
    B. For the purposes of this section, “licensed or ordained clergymen” includes ministers, elders or other persons who by the customs, rules and regulations of a religious society or sect are authorized or permitted to solemnize marriages or to officiate at marriage ceremonies.

Please see the County Clerk web page HERE for more specific ceremony requirements.