My Services and Fees

How I work

As your Phoenix, Arizona Wedding Officiant, the initial interview is designed to get to know you and for you to get to know me.

Ask as many questions as you would like. No limit to the time you want to spend getting to know me before you decide we have a face to face interview, all 3 of us. I call this the actual interview. Because I am not interviewing you for your business, you are interviewing meet decide if my methodologies are a match for your wedding ceremony goals.

I have a ceremony outline which will guide you, the couple, with my assistance, through the entire process of pre-wedding requirements. Just like writing a script for a stage performance. I have previous ceremonies you may review for your consideration of my capabilities. I can shoot ideas off of you, and in turn I hope you shoot ideas off of me. The more parts of the ceremony, the more originality that comes from you, is what is going to make your day more special than you ever dreamed.

After you have decided to hire me as your Phoenix, Arizona Wedding Officiant you have a simple plain English Contract Agreement to sign to guarantee your services for the agreed upon date.

I perform my Phoenix, Arizona weddings with a simple approach of one price, $350.00. That way you’re not having to pick and chose from a package, saving you time and stress. Performing weddings outside of the Phoenix, Arizona area does require a travel expense reimbursement.

As your Phoenix, Arizona wedding officiant my price is inclusive, which means I attend the wedding rehearsal at no additional charge . The rehearsal is by far one of the most important tasks you will do. A rehearsal is a guide book, it is a soft pillow on which to lay your head for comfort knowing that your day is planned out and everyone understands their place and their roll. If you feel you need 2 or more run-throughs of the rehearsal, there will still be no additional charge.

I will perform your ceremony and once it is through, have the wedding license signed by myself and the two (2) appointed witnesses.

I will shake hands, give hugs and bid a final farewell with nothing but happiness ahead.
(I will be happy to stick around for photographs as well, if that is your wish)

The following business day after the wedding, I will put your signed wedding license in a Priority Mail Envelope to be sent to the proper county office for which the ceremony was performed.

In return I ask for a fair and honest review of the wedding ceremony and how well we worked together in creating a Uniquely Your Wedding.

Having lived in another state and performed under a different business name, please see my former reviews here!

I perform all types of wedding ceremonies from non-denominational to LGBT; from more traditional to vow renewals.


Cash, Personal Check, Cashiers Check, Debit or Credit.

Travel Expenses outside of Valley – To Be Determined

(Please see map of covered areas in the Additional Information tab)